Our Trump Cards

The trump cards of the Social Administration Office for SME's

Payroll calculations and personnel administration have to be in perfect order but are a complex and time-consuming process. Based upon our many years of experience we can offer you a service designed for your company.


1. Practical expertise

The Social Administration Office is an SME with 10 employees operating from 2 offices.

This means that we know what's required in an SME and understand the needs of our customer. This practical experience is important to help starting companies to look for adequate solutions for their organization.


2. A single point of contact

Our payroll officers are at the disposal of the employers to answer questions about employment agreements, redundancy, absences, payment,… They check the payroll process and work out the employment administration.


3. Social-legal support and advice

The payroll officers of the Social Administration Office are stand-by to give their clients practical solutions for social-legal issues and the correct regulation in social law. If possible, they provide effective assistance over the phone.

For complex questions on working regulations or policies, they arrange further in-depth inquiries with an expert.


4. Useful payroll software

Easy Online is a full-featured, easy-to-use online payroll service designed for our customers to administrate their personnel files and the monthly achievements. Payslips and documents are available online once the calculation has been completed by the payroll officers.

The accounting  documents are immediately and automatically available and consultable online.


5. Customized charges

The employer pays a monthly flat-rate fee that covers the payroll calculation and social legal guidance.


6. A few extra hands

Our payroll officers have a torough knowledge of how things work in your company.

This means that we fulfil your complete payroll administration with professional expertise. We are your partner in matters of social legislation, tax and administrative regulations which gives you the time to fully concentrate on your business.

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