Social audit - Quick Scan

Support with social inspection:

Preparation ...

One day your SME will be confronted with a social inspector. This doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience, on the contrary. Together with you, we prepare for this inspection.


... or preventative audit

Or do you want to know in advance what to expect ? Then you might consider a mini-audit and in that case we act as social inspector.

Our many years of experience and insight in your social-legal situation will help you to take on any sort of social inspection. You will know what to expect, what they will inspect  and how to prepare yourself.


For whom? 


  • Companies that get an announced visit of a social inspector.
  • Companies that want to avoid surprises when visited unannounced.
  • Companies that have no experience with inspections whatsoever and want to know how to prepare.


How to proceed?


We screen  your personnel administration and expose painful areas. We also make suggestions to optimize your personnel policy in the future.

We have a preliminary meeting to prepare the future  inspection. If necessary, we will be present during the actual inspection. We can assure you to give the inspector the right information.

After the inspection, we start to make adjustments, if necessary. We give indications  in order to get your personnel policy on the right track. 

The Social Administration Office can offer you an extended social audit as well as a mini-audit.

Don't hesitate to ask for the conditions and terms for a SAK 'Quick Scan'